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Q:What are SuperBio 100% compostable bags made of?


Our 100% compostable bags are made from biodegradable polyester, which includes PLA and PBAT. PLA is derived from corn while PBAT is made from Petroleum.

Q:Is there corn starch in SuperBio compostable bags?


SuperBio compostable bags contain no corn starch. If garbage bags contain corn starch, they are relatively weak and have a shelf life of about only six months.Bags made without corn starch, however, are stronger and more durable and have a longer shelf life of between 1-2 years.

Q:What’s the difference between the terms compostable and biodegradable?


Compostable: Compostable materials biodegrade in a composting process through the action of naturally occurring micro-organisms and do so to a high extent within a specified timeframe.The associated biological processes during composting will yield C02, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass, leaving no visible contaminants or toxic residue/substances.

Biodegradable: Biodegradable materials degrade slowly over time. They decompose more readily under specific conditions, namely those relating to certain temperature and humidity measurements.It is a relatively slow process to achieve complete natural degradation. If one requires the material to degrade quickly, then one has to rely on specialized industrial facilities.

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